Boat Recovery & Salvaging

Boat Recovery & Salvaging

Boro Boat Hauling also specializes in the recovery and salvaging of boats. We can relocate your boat back on jack stands and blocks that may have caused your boat to fall over. We can also get your boat back on a trailer if it has fallen off your trailer or another haulers trailer and it is sitting out in the road. We also handle post hurricane recovery and salvaging, fire damaged boat removal and disposal of older boats.

What to do if your Boat fell over?

Boro Boat Hauling can help get your back on jack stands & blocks safely without damaging your boat. If you previously had your boat on uneven grounds, a storm knocked your boat over or you or another boat hauler blocked your boat improperly, we can help! 

DO NOT try and move it or go near it. Give us a call first – 732-604-3479

Hurricane boat RECOVERY & Salvaging

In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey. This was the largest Hurricane in history to hit the US East Coast. Wrecked boats were littered along the roadways in New Jersey the day after Hurricane Sandy hit. Being a Jersey Shore local who was also hit by Sandy, Boro Boat Hauling made sure to get out and help recover and clean up the boats left scattered around town after the storm.  

Hurricane boat Prep 101

Hurricane season in New Jersey usually starts in June through October with September being the peak month.

Hauling your boat out before a hurricane is the safest thing you can do. You ideally want to get your boat out and away from the water before the storm. We can move it on your trailer or ours and will make sure it is secure on jack stands & blocks.

Give us a call 732-604-3479 plenty of time before the storm hits, spots fill up quick with everyone else wanting to come out. 

Don't wait for the day before the storm!

Have a plan…

boat Fire Damage recovery & Salvaging

If your boat suffered severe fire damage, please contact your insurance provider first. If you are passionate about restoring your vessel, we can relocate it safely. If however, you decide it is beyond saving and need to scrap it, we can dispose of it as well.

How to Dispose of your old boat

Please try to either sell it or donate it for the tax benefits first. If you already tried selling your boat with no luck or tried donating it and no one will take it, Boro Boat Hauling can help you dispose of your boat.

Keep in mind – The salvage/junk yards charge by the ton plus we charge for the cost of the haul.